Thursday, 30 September 2010

Why Hatcha for Mixmag's 'Greatest DJ of All Time'?

He got my vote, shaped a sound that created music thats (without getting emotional) changed my life!

He's also got the support of Artwork (Magnetic Man), he tells you why...

Get your vote in here: Greatest DJ of All Time?

Interview with Terror Danjah over at MTV

Seems today is a day for interviews. MTV caught up with Terror Danjah on the lead up to his 'Undeniable' album being released on Hyperdub

Read: Terror Danjah interview

Five minute interview with David Kennedy (Ramadanman, Pearson Sound) on FACT

Cheeky five minute interview with the behind Ramadanman and Pearson Sound talks about his custom made mixer from Paris and his night in Leeds. Cool little interview

Read: David Kennedy interview

On the Playlist: Hyetal - Phoenix

I read the Pitchfork review of this (here) and it made alot of sense, that spacey Bristol sound, the 80's miami vice synths, it really does sound like 'get in your car and drive fast down a straight road' music, I love where the snare is placed but maybe thats too detailed. Put out on Orca Recordings some time in the summer, I love the track, I love the sound... maybe you will too, thats of course if you haven't already heard it...

Hyetal - Phoenix - 002 by william orca

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

DJ Fresh Vs. Sigma - Lassitude (Jakwob Remix) [Free Download]

Not my cuppa cocoa, but someone wanted it, so I thought other people might want it aswell...

Enjoy my pretties!

Download: DJ Fresh Vs. Sigma - Lassitude (Jakwob Remix)


Ok, so money and time was a bit tight this year, and to be fair summer crept up on me like a little bitch. It's shown me that I need to plan more for next year. Outlook is a given really, but it all depends what route it goes down, all this talk about dubstep going commercial is making people question whether the festival will be the same, or not, I personally think it won't change all that much (if at all). Then there's Sonar in Barcelona, which gets smashed every year by someone it seems, there always seems to be a star made at Sonar. So thats another one to consider. What about going over to Seattle for Decibel? Finished a couple days ago or something I think and for me and my personal taste it's the line up that would get me the most excited, obviously next year would be a different line up, different genres and all that, but this year is mental. Eskmo, Mount Kimbie, Gold Panda, Starkey, FlyLo, Addison Groove and Scuba... to name a few, fxcking hell! ...Just something I wanted to blog really, if you have any other suggestions at this admitted ridiculous stage of planning, feel free to holla!

Bristol stand up!

Punch Drunk putting together a compilation of the biggest, baddest, weightiest tunes to come out of the Bristol dubstep scene over the past decade. Apparently out November 8th and it (as you can probably guess) features the likes of Joker, Guido, Pinch, Appleblim, Jakes and the Punch Drunk man himself Peverelist. Told you the compilations are getting better!

Here's the tracklist...

01 Pinch: "Midnight Oil"
02 Peverelist: "The Grind"

03 Gatekeeper: "Tense Past"
04 Peverelist: "Roll with the Punches"
05 Appleblim: "Vansan"
06 Pinch: "Qawwali"
07 Forsaken: "Hypnotise"
08 Headhunter: "7th Curse"
09 RSD: "Pretty Bright Light"
10 Komonazmuk: "Bad Apple"
11 Appleblim & Peverelist: "Circling"
12 Pinch: "Lazarus"
13 Forsaken: "Into the Sunset" [ft. Mr Jo]

01 Smith & Mighty: "B Line Fi Blo"
02 Dubboy & Atki2: "Tiger Flower"
03 Joker: "Holly Brook Park"
04 Guido: "Mad Sax"
05 Hyetal & Shortstuff: "Ice Cream"
06 Pinch: "Get Up" (RSD Remix)
07 Jakes: "3kout"
08 Wedge & Shadz: "Running away" (Guido Remix)
09 Gemmy: "Bass Transmitter"
10 Guido: "Orchestral Lab"
11 Dubkasm: "Hail Jah" (Jakes Remix)
12 Joker: "Stuck in the System"
13 Hyetal: "Pixel Rainbow Sequence"

While we're cyber strolling in Bristol, why don't we recall one of the classics, you'll find in on this compilation and the Multiverse compilation that was recently released, massive!

Scuba - Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix)

The b-side to Three Sided Shape that got released on Hotflush yesterday, such a moody remix, I've never tried skanking underwater but if I did, it would probably be to this, wet sounds everywhere! Don't let the 7 minutes scare you, theres enough to keep you interested from the water bongos to the offbeat synth-line. ...I'd urge you to pick up the release, and anything Scuba has done to be fair, I'm a big fan.. 

Shackleton compiling Fabric 55

Confirmed. Shackleton has so much respect on the live circuit, respected for his productions and performances. This will definitely be a treat, no details apart from Shackleton himself fronting Fabric 55 are known... but watch this space!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now) [Full Audio]

This EP is the minimal dogs bxllocks! James Blake can make a masterful composition out of one broken chord, a couple of pitch shifted vocals, one bass drum and a clap so dry I need a drink after hearing it... Klavierwerke EP is out October 10th on R&S and every release is something different from James, makes you eager for every release! will have to be in the mood for this one though, a few people are already moaning that there's 'not much to these tracks'.. poppycock!

Audio: James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)

Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)

This goes down so smooth, like scotch to Ron Burgundy! 'Night Air' by Jamie Woon is  beautiful song on it's on but with 'danman sprinkling his brand of quirkiness, the clicks and the clacks all over it, for me it takes it to a whole new level! This is the b-side to the 'Night Air' single available from October 11th, have a listen...

Night Air (Ramadanman Refix) by woon

Monday, 27 September 2010

On the Playlist: Kito - On The Floor

Bagged it and tagged it! The whole EP on Disfigured Dubz is mental, but if I had to pick a standout track it would definitely be 'On The Floor'. Its got such a wet sound, gorgeous intro and some 8/16 bit sounds scattered all over the place. The EP has been out for about a week now, DJ's I urge you to spin this one, people go mad!

Kito EP - DIS 009 by Kito.

Magnetic Man - Boiling Water (feat. Sam Frank) Audio

Solid tune! featuring vocals from Sam Frank who we heard on Skreams 'Outside The Box' album. This tune got me going, got me real chilled. Great vocals from Sam Frank. Not much more to be said to be fair, theres strings, low bass, beeps, sweeps, lovely vocals and liquiddy drums, enjoy...

Magnetic Man - "Boiling Water" Feat. Sam Frank by Some Kind of Awesome

Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere (feat. John Legend) Audio

Probably the most intriguing thing we all saw when we looked at the tracklist for Magnetic Man's Columbia Records debut was John Legend featuring, well it was to me. I was eager to hear what this came out like. All in all, it's nice... a high quality production all round, nice electric toms and Legends brand of soul sits nicely ontop. A nice step away from the liquiddy impersonation of drum and bass that we've heard recently, not that there's anything wrong with it because I'm personally looking forward to the album. Anyway, have a listen...

03-magnetic man-getting nowhere (feat. john legend) by Spa_Water

Adventures In Dubstep and Beyond (2CD)

I'm not a massive fan of Dubstep compilations and the route they're heading down. Don't get me wrong I've got nothing against commercial success for any genre, but I just don't want the other branches of that particular genre to be forgotten! This compilation put together by Joe Muggs is looking pretty tasty though. From garagey vibe from Martin Kemp and Noodles to a more heavier bass sound with loads of MC action you'll find on the second disc, you got a lot to keep you interested. You won't usually find Ikonika, Guido, Flying Lotus, VVV, Martyn or Appleblim on the majority of these compilations you see on the shelves of HMV.


  1. Egyptrixx – The Only Way Up (Ikonika remix)
  2. Martin Kemp – After The Night
  3. Noodles – Muzik
  4. Sully – In Some Pattern
  5. VVV – Project Z
  6. Svpreme Fiend – Downfall
  7. Sines – Twitta Dat
  8. Dom Hz – Without You
  9. Martyn – Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Cleanse mix)
  10. El-B feat. Nico – This Thrill
  11. Goldielocks vs Benga – Green Eyes
  12. Geiom & Appleblim – Flame Tree
  13. 8Bitch – G41
  14. Fused Forces – What's Going Down
  15. The Moody Boyz feat. Pete Simpson – Freedom (vocal mix)
  1. Tekfro feat. DJ Assault – Keep Bouncin'
  2. Wedge & Shadz – Running Away (Guido remix)
  3. [B]racket – Grime 3
  4. Cotti & Chef – End Of Da Road
  5. Badness feat. Lil Nasty & Skepta – Nightmare (Coki & Cotti remix)
  6. Mskrnt – Walk Alone
  7. Cardopusher – Gibold (Scandalous Unltd. remix)
  8. Stagga feat. Tzer, Ydot & JBone – Face Get Splat
  9. Rude Kid – Electric
  10. Wr1ng – Walk On By
  11. J Beatz – Dutty
  12. Valta & Minikin – Fed Up!
  13. Numan – Skull Crusher
  14. Lewi White feat. Kozzie – Metal Face
  15. MRK1 – Move Your Soul
  16. J Da Flex feat. Jammer – Knucklin'

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Juke and listen!

...sorry for the pun, how tasteless. That DJ Nate post hadn't even been up a hour before people were asking me what Juke/Footwork music is. I saw a queue about to form so I thought instead of me trying to explain what it is and why it's so infectious I'd post up a mix by the Planet Mu man himself u-Ziq that truly introduces you to the world of Juke. If you already know, big up your chest, if you don't then todays your lucky day... and before you ask, if you was gonna ask, the picture above is of the famous Roland tr-808, it seemed relevant as Juke music is heavily 808/909 orientated


DJ Nate - 'Da Trak Genious'

How does Juke make me feel? Well, I want to go Chicago because of it, I wanna witness these goes go mad in a battle. A lot of people over here aren't sure about it, it's off the wall, it's a different kind of structure. I personally think that Juke (well, the Juke songs I like) have a sense of drama about them, the pounding 808's, the stuttering vocals and whatever else you wanna throw in. DJ Nate is the "prince' of Juke, 20 years of are and hailing from Chicago of course, Planet Mu put out a compilation of evidently rare tracks of his due to this being his first worldwide release. I urge you to open your ears, cause the vibes are addicted, infectious and whatever other adjective you choose to use. BUT don't get me wrong, DJ Nate is not who I'd choose to represent the larger scene, so get searching.

Bag it from wherever you grab your music from legally!

FlyLo announces tour dates for October


After the release of his colourful EP 'Pattern + Grid Word', Flying Lotus and his immense stage presence is obviously in high demand, here's some dates.

20 - 
Paris, REX Club
21 - 
Amsterdam, Melkweg
22 - 
Berlin, Icon
23 - 
Liverpool, The Masque
26 - 
London, KOKO
27 - 
Bristol, Thekla
28 - 
Brighton, Concorde 2
29 - 
Manchester, Warehouse Project

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Download Magnetic Man - 'Perfect Stranger' (Benga Remix)

Today is your lucky day, download Benga's remix of the next single to come from Magnetic Mans self titled album, Perfect Stranger. it was Zane Lowes hottest record in the world when it surfaced if you care about that sort of thing. To be honest I think I like it better, maybe cause I've heard the original so much now this is a breath of fresh bass filled air, both will tear up the clubs thought, don't you worry!

Download: Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger (feat. Katy B) (Benga Remix)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Audio of Darkstar's 'Gold'

Pitchfork put up audio of 'Gold' by Darkstar, such anticipated releases coming up from Hyperdub in general. They must be rolling in good music over there!

Listen: Darkstar - 'Gold'

What smashed the rave?

Whenever I reach a rave I like to pick out a particular song that really got me going and I was so happy that Ramadanman dropped this in FWD>>. I was loving his set, cowbells, 808's, choppy, stuttering vocals and blissful chords... all that I've come top expect from a Ramadansuperman set. Anyway, this smashed the rave last night, it's 'Boomslang' by LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat. It's out on Hyperdub on October 11th, bag it and tag it!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Flying Lotus - 'Kill Your Co-Workers'

Blimey, this nearly went right under the radar from me! What a track, it's a mash up of styles, it's definitely leaning towards drum and bass, with 808's slapped all over it, and melodies that Ikonika would day dream about, will definately get you jumping... You'll find this on FlyLo's new 19 minute long EP Pattern + Grid World

Thought I'd post a little something before I get out to FWD>> ...laters!

Flying Lotus - "Kill Your Co-Workers" by Some Kind of Awesome

What are your favourites from Ninja Tune XX Vol. 1 & 2?

Wow, so many quality tunes, such a mixture of vibes all throughout both discs, it's a good relaxing evening session to get through them both, I'm not a wine man but if I was it would be the perfect time to pop out some of the vintage stuff and sit back, I swear I was in the zone listening to this.

Lemme break some of the tracks down disc by disc.. why not!

My first pick from Volume 1 is the Todd Edwards remix of Spank Rock's 'What It Look Like'. The vocal manipulation is gorgeous and just a tight production on the beat by Todd but would u expect anything less, he's just a don! My second and third mixes are tracks I've already talked about but still get rinsed out in the background while I'm doing my work, 'Leave' by Dark Sky which drops in like a rainbow of colourful noise and 'Cloudlight' by Eskmo which is just beautifully clanky, haunting and I hope you know what I mean when I say this is the wettest tune I've heard in some while (sorry if you don't). My last pick is 'Lost and Found' by Amon Tobin, you really have to hear it for yourself, all I can say is that it's bloody hypnotising, straight out a fururistic western in my view.

Eskmo and Amon Tobin are monsters together, like a fucking multicoloured Power Ranger for creating 'Fine Objects' under the alias Eskamon. Some people aren't fans of that clanky sound but it just keeps me really interested, people don't see how I can get excited over an Eskmo tune, maybe not enough people 'get it' yet? I dunno. My second pick is also Amon Tobin, but the King Cannibals Clockwork Wolfen... a beautiful piece of music that just gets savaged, it's lovely. My last pick from Volume 2 is the somewhat awkward DELS with 'Eating Cloud' beat is sick, lyrics are flawless, happy to see Ninja Tune taking him down the 'right' route.. but honestly, if I could I work pick like 85 of the tracks on volume one and two...

...and while we're here talking about DELS, why don't you have a look at the video for 'Shapeshift' produced by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip.. happy days!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

FACT mix 186 - Blunted Robots

I listen to most FACT mixes, and out of everything I've recently heard, this one has got me jumping the most since the Addison Groove mix a while back. It's beepy, clicky, snappy.. and kinda soulful in a glitchy sorta way. Blunted Robots are certainly one of the most promising dance music labels around!

Check out the tracklist below:

J:Kenzo – Ruckus (Martin Kemp remix)
Brackles – Spider
Shortstuff – Naughty Step
Martin Kemp – 2781half
Brackles – Blazeby
Brackles & Shortstuff feat. Terrible Shock – Good Foundations (Doc Daneeka remix)
Martin Kemp – Know We Can
Brackles – Lighthouse
Shortstuff – If The Sock Fits
Martin Kemp – Fix
Shortstuff – Bodge Job
JME – CD iS DEAD (Mickey Pearce remix)
Brackles – I Can’t Wait
DJ Dom – Sunshowers

Follow the link for the download: FACT mix 186 - Blunted Robots

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Eskmo - 'Eskmo'

The thumping kicks, the stuttering, layered claps, husky robot-like voice and the overall haunting textures on the sounds that Eskmo uses will follow you through the album. I've heard some say that the album can used as nice backdrop music, but not much more and I don't agree with that. I think maybe 14 tracks is a bit of a push for the listener to get through with this specific sound but the album is bloody gorgeous. my favourite tracks on the album apart from Cloudlight and My Gears Are Starting To Tremble that I'e been listening to for quite a while, are probably 'Starships as it instantly reminded me of a Starkey production and the beautiful piano-riddled 'Siblings'. Make your own mind up though, and purchase the album out through Ninja Tune from October 4th. 

While you wait, check out the long awaited video for 'Land and Bones' thats out now on Warp Records, featuring Swan, check it out HERE

Monday, 20 September 2010

Lets get a bit grimier?

Big fan of Jammer and Fris, and along with Lay-Z they all go in pretty tough on this beat... don't be surprised if the posts get a little big grimey from time to time, sometimes there's something in the scene that needs to be posted, get me?

Got a good feeling with Jammer on Ninja Tune...

On MY playlist: Jack Dixon - 'Stay'

Here is a man that has totally got his sound on lock, always a sign of a good producer who's sound is distinctive enough that you only need to hear a mega small snippet for you're ears to recognize!

Been a fan ever since I heard 'Somebody Said They Saw You' quite a while ago, I've been constantly going back for updates, new tracks, new sounds... and this track has got me coming back again and again. Great work with the vocals and chords that can only be described as 'lush' and I'm a fan of using that word, but that sums it up pretty well!

Have a listen, you won't be disappointed!

Stay by jackdixon

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wachs Lyrical mix on Hush House

From blog to blog...

if you're like me and you love a bit of Hush House, you'll notice the high quality collection of mixes they get on there, add another to the list lads it's a monster! You would've heard Wachs Lyrical with our very first mix here at Wax Off, so we thought we'd give you more... why not?

Have a listen to the mix HERE

Tracklist is inside...

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Magnetic Man (feat. Katy B) - 'Perfect Stranger' official video

The plans for world domination are underway and Magnetic Man are getting everything they deserve from it, as we all know these 3 grafters have been churning out bangers for years, and now this dubstep super-duper-group are on the tips of everybody's tongue! The self titled album is already slated as an early contender for next years Mercury Music Prize, good on ya lads! ...but anyway, here's the OFFICAL video for 'Perfect Stranger' featuring Katy B, good bit of storytelling in this one.

Embedding was disabled, so check out the video HERE

Silkie - '80's Baby'

What a tune... that seems to be the common view of this, I'm a massive fan of Silkie and glad to see this getting a "late September' release after being teased by it for ages on Anti Social! check out the chords, gorgeous!

80s Baby by Silkie

...and check this, Pokes getting everyone at Outlook this year to get a little game of music statues going to this tune, what a legend!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Newham Generals - 'Like It Or Not' video

Straying slighly away from the bleeps, the snaps and the clicks...

We all know the Newham Gens boys are big fans of a fat bassline and massive kick snare combo, check the crunching bassline in this tune, Been a fan from day dot! Be sure to cop Bag Of Grease from wherever you can on october 4th.

Check the video, from SB.TV below..

Audio of James Blake's 'Klavierwerke EP'

Cut loose from his friends at Mount Kimbie, James Blake's CV is impressive, 3 high quality EP's in 8 months, and Klavierwerke EP on R&S Records, due to be released on October 10th will be his 4th, and in my view the quality just got upped. I'm a massive fan of James' scattered yet keeping the soul style, a click here, a snap there... I love it! So while we wait for the release, listen to the clips from the EP just below.

Listen to the four audio clips HERE

Free Gemmy track - 'That 1987 Bounce'

Ahead of his appearance in room 3 at Fabric on the 24th of September, the Bristol beatmaker was nice enough to give Fabric a FREE track! Be sure to catch him on the 24th with Rossi B and Luca

Download 'That 1987 Bounce' HERE 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Music from Wax Off!

In the near future, us at Wax Off are looking to bring out a couple of plates, as well as getting the event night up and running! here is a snippet of a possible forthcoming release from Wax Off, it's actually one of the team at Wax Off, by the name of Busker.

Busker - Safe At Home snippet by Wax Off

The Bug (feat. Hitomi) - 'Catch a Fire' video

The track has done the rounds a bit, alot of people are aware of it, now it's being released as part of The Bugs new Infected EP. Now there's a video, directed by the same guy who directed the Lost video for King Midas Sound. Dark, gully and grimey... Obviously.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Darkstar interviewed by Martin Clark

Proper good read, everything you need to know about to change in line up, upcoming LP release, and all that goodness. Read it here

Benny Ill on Deep Medi

October 11th is the day to pick up the 12" releases from Benny Ill vs. J. King on Mala's Deep Medi Music label. Deep Medi seems the perfect place to house these tracks, like they're both fighting for which side is deeper. Kosmic 89 is full of spacey effects, somewhat soulful stabs and rolling kicks drums. All that over a pulsating bassline, listen to that just below. Never a half-arsed production coming from Benny Ill, or the Deep Medi label for that matter. Lithium Solar is on the flip, just below the video link.

Listen to Lithium Solar here

Recommendation: Fused Forces - 'K-Hole/Who U Dealing With?'

Massive! Fused Forces constantly going hard, the harshness of the production will have you feeling it in your fxcking chest. Out now on Substance Abuse, bag it and tag it. 

SUBSTA004: Fused Forces - K-Hole by FusedForces

SUBSTA004: Fused Forces - Who U Dealing With by FusedForces