Monday, 25 October 2010

CPU/GOD interview and free download

"CPU/GOD is the collaborative electronic music production effort of Andrew Grathwohl (20) and Ben Glawe (21) - two friends who met at the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana. Influenced by the bass music scene of the UK, their music combines experimental production and composition techniques with the dubstep and funky rhythms that have defined the UK sound."


WO: First things first, how’d you come up with the name CPU/GOD? It’s something that interests me with people, sometimes its real simple, sometimes it’s a good five minute story…

CPU/GOD: We just wanted a symmetrical band name, and we liked the implication of having CPU and GOD being right next to each other, held up as equal terms. Sometimes we joke that one of us is CPU, and one of us is GOD, but who knows which is which?

WO: Is there a particular song of yours that sums up your brand of sound?

CPU/GOD: Too Much Booty is a good demonstration of our influences, and our vocal processing techniques, which are one of the main foundations of our group.

WO: I haven’t been over to the states for a while, how is all this bass heavy sound really being received over there?

CPU/GOD: The sound is definitely catching on, but the bass heavy sound being received here isn't necessarily the stuff that you guys are listening to. The two of us don't always like the “Americanized” bass music that we hear. We're definitely more influenced by the UK scene, but we're in the minority.

WO: Do you see any other genres growing to the extent of dubstep? Any sub-genres that you think will blossom… Juke for example? Are you guy’s fans?

CPU/GOD: We're fans of Juke, but strictly Juke music is probably not something we'll get into as a group. As far as other genres go, our live performance scene is largely made up of our university's music scene. Ben just moved up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and reportedly there's a burgeoning dubstep scene there.

WO: Whats in the pipeline for you guys then? Any releases we should be on the lookout for?

CPU/GOD: Well, recently we released our tune Too Much Booty on iTunes. So, if you dig that track I guess iTunes would be the place to go for now. We are in discussions with certain parties about more releases to come, but we can't say much more than that at this point. Other than that, expect to see CPU/GOD hitting a few US-midwest spots – Indiana and Wisconsin for certain. We're in the process of writing more tunes, so watch out for those on our SoundCloud. Also follow us @aGrathwohl and @BennyFG on Twitter if you want to see we're doing at any particular moment...

Watch out for ‘Too Much Booty’ out on either Ramp Recordings or DVA Music with Scratcha DVA and Funk Butcher on remix duty! 


While you wait, grab your free download of 'Agreeable Dub' just below. Just press the the down facing arrow on the right of the player, enjoy.

Agreeable Dub by CPU/GOD

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