Sunday, 10 October 2010

Stinkahbell interview + guest mix!

Expect a string of heavy releases from this smelly duo! The productions are just stinky, pun intended.


WO: Hey guys, cheers for doing this! How much do you think blogs and all this digital stuff helped in getting dubstep the commercial status it's now getting, if it did at all?

Sargent Shank (Nutty P): I think its definitely something that has improved the chances of tunes getting out there, building hype and shit, who to look out for, only thing with that is peoples opinions in regard the dubstep they like proclaim that’s how it should sound when there so many different flavours.

Lieutenant Lenge: Yesss…I think the internet in general has done A LOT for the scene, it’s a genre that kinda expands and spreads through the net, to find out what’s new, what’s good and what’s not…and certain forums will have discussion rooms where people can voice their opinions, whether you take them on or not is up to you.

WO: I see Stinkahbell tweeting, is it something you enjoy doing or do you think you have to?… you know, to keep up with the world?

SS: Boy, I just use my twitter (mynameisnuttyp) to push tunes really lol… Bruce?

LL: Me now, I just love to gas. LOL nah ona real, I think and do so much madness that I love to just let people know, also me and P have too much joke so apart from pushing tunes, twitter is fun J

WO: Now, whenever people talk about who’s up and coming in the dubstep scene, there’s always a shitload of people that says you guys. That must feel good right?

SS: Yeah, its kinda maad to think about it, I wont lie sometimes I do google us to see what people say (sad lol) but to see people boost about this shit is mad, we’ve been making tunes together for years and its always just been based on having a good time, we’re just incorporating in that bass heavy nastiness none as DUBSTEP!

LL: It’s a big big biggg look… forget the look, the feeling it gives me (us) is fucking amazing. Just to think it started off like over two and a half years ago, sitting at the junction (Headquarters) with Farma (Task Force), and now the jokes and adventures have led us to THIS J doing sets, letting these fuckers know. The stinkbombs *smh*.

SS: HAHAHAAA!! But on the real, its mad the support we’ve been getting from some of the biggest DJ’s in the scene, like Plastician, Hatcha, Doctor P, weren’t really expecting it.

WO: There’s always been duos in the scene, but there seems to be a rise at the moment. You think it brings anything different to the table when there’s 2 of you?

LL: Ofcourse!!! Me and P are like family, people that know us, know how we are, constantly parring (cussing) eachother, laughing, sharing thoughts n feelings.. its mad.. we bounce off eachother and the vibe that we lock into when we’re making beats or doin a set is sick and quite rare (I think) I think both of our musical backgrounds, abilities n appreciation of music creates inevitable danger!! LOL..

SS: HAHA! You know it! Well as far as duo’s go, I’m sure there arent many male / female duo’s so I guess genetically there’s two different perscectives we bring to the ting. So I love the that real hard stink sound and Bruce has got that melody so you put it together and we can come up with something memorable hopefully, haha. Set wise, we just vibe off each other, like when the drop comes we just look at each other and we know its going down! When that bass hits, we bug out.

LL: LMFAO truss, its that look.. the quiet time before the storm.. then the screwface and the dancefloors bookey.

WO: Is there ever any conflict in what you guys play? When your creating a set, or do you pretty much listen to the same type of stuff?

SS: My selection is too hard, sometimes Bruce poo’s herself.

LL: oh my farking days, here we go... this guy.

I don’t poo myself people, I just keep getting hijacked by this fucker hahahaha… I find it funny, I guess people kinda expect anything from us? Just stop gassing and tell em..

SS: eYyyyyy, eyyyyy… relax man, nah, we’re on the same wavelength, its good cause when I’m in doubt about a double drop I just say, rah, you think this could run? And Bruce’ll be like; Whoa G! Then I drop it.

LL: and I poo myself
(see, he done it again…kmt) imma just make that the luitenant lenge motto, yeah u hear about Stinkahbell? Yeah that chick, she keeps dropping them nuggets g… apparently her booty stinks. Ok seriously, haha J ALL JOKES ASIDE,

when we make a tune, usually I’ll fuck about on the keys, been playing piano most of my life but im not a technical musician.. (at all!) I sit down, and I just have to kinda feel it, improvise and let it take me, and that’s exactly how sargent makes beats, he’ll hear things like sweeps and drum patterns in his head, sound effects n that lol whereas I hear vocals, samples, drops downs.. it’s mad. And the bottom line is that we always enjoy it and skank. Its like a dubstep rave in the bakery, me and p buggin’ out. And the banger is produced?!

SS: yeh

WO: What’s the set up for you guys anyway? CDJs or you still favouring wax?

SS: Sometimes we’ll through a few vinyl’s on (depending on if the venue has needles. Haha), we still got dubplates from when we started out but they’re kinda fucked lol.

LL: yep

WO: There was a massive release on Analogic Records with you and Psy:am that we previewed on the blog. What sort of DJ support have you been getting? …and what else is in the pipeline?

SS: I’d say we’ve been getting good support even though I feel like we haven’t really being pushing for it that hard, DJ’s holla us, I guess cause we focus on making the tunes hard they speak for themselves. We’ve had Plastician holla for an exclusive and dropped it at Outlook which was a massive fucking look! Big up! Hatcha’s been spinning Stalker for a minute to, and yeah…

LL: Yeah.. see this is how twitter ties in and why I love all of it. When Plastician and hatcha got in contact with us for the beats, I was like rahhh yeah course u can ave em J haha.. and doctor p showed us a lot of love when we was kinda starting out and when we was capturing the signature sound I think we’ve got now. The pipeline is blocked uppp with a lot of shit! As shank said, we dedicate most of our time to making these beats and we love it so much, its almost like the beats ends up loving us back! Hahaha...

WO: Are there any releases that you’re looking forward to spinning from other people?

SS: There’s definitely a lot of bangers out there. Flux Pavilion, I can’t stop, absolute smash! I’m looking fwd to that magnetic man album, Skeam’s got the goldfinger right about now, he’s got one next ting called CTO, its dubstep at its ‘ardest.

LL: P’s got some real hot new dubstep tunes, we made new CD’s for the last set, the collection is getting large & stinky. Oufff… that I can’t stop tune is a lot! And olly always kills me haha.

WO: I’ve seen a few gigs lined up for you lot, seen a few flyers with some naughty line-ups! busy little bees, what gigs have you got coming up?

SS: We just done the some night birthday bash and there was like a million DJ’s including us so it was kind of an honour to be real, we’re playing the Roxy in Tottenham court road on the 7th of October.

LL: Yeahhhhhhh! I cnt wait for that… and… we got couple gigs outta London… um Liverpool and Norwich soon! It’s good to get out there… we love our city but we gotta show them love too guys!

WO: Lastly, when the Wax Off night gets up and running, can we count on Stinkahbell coming down a stinking up the place with a smelly set??

SS + LL : Course g.


Now just shock out to the exclusive mix they gave birth to!

Wax Off Mix 002: Stinkahbell by Wax Off

1. STINKAHBELL - Give Us Some Ard Claps
2. STINKAHBELL vs Sir Paul - Duckz (remix)
3. STINKAHBELL - Columbo
4. STINKAHBELLvs Auto-Blue - Come Here To Dance (remix)
5. Trolley Snatcha - Pass Me By
6. STINKAHBELL & Psy : Am - Sambookey
7. STINKAHBELL - Losing Tracks
9. STINKAHBELL vs Skandle - Go (remix)
10. STINKAHBELL & Psy : Am - Professor Knuckles
12. Skream - What Did He Say?
13. STINKAHBELL- Dirty Amber
14. Sukh Knight & P Money - Slang Like This
15. STINKAHBELL - Stalker (VIP)
16. STINKAHBELL - Mountain Dew
17. STINKAHBELL - DanceDedder
18. Mz Bratt - Selecta
19. Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop
20. Skream - Fields of Emotion
21. STINKAHBELL - Moose Knuckle
23. Benga - Man on a Mission
24. Mindflow - Crunch
25. STINKAHBELL vs Nomadee and Cobane - Best Friends (remix)

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