Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Artwork for Darkstar LP 'North'

Ain't it just lovely?! Let the anticipation build...

Psy:am and STINKAHBELL on Analogic Recordings (ANLR006)

01. Psy:am and STINKAHBELL - Dripping In Swagga
02. Psy:am and STINKAHBELL - Tick Tock

Badboy release from Psy:am and STINKAHBELL from Analogic Recordings, whether your eyes are down in the rave or your slinging your gun fingers in the air and wrenching your arm. Both tracks on this release will cater to your needs. 'Tick Tock' is a personal favourite of mine, and will have my eyes firmly glued to the hole in the dancefloor that it's created, ha!

Here's a couple clips..

Psyam and STINKAHBELL - Dripping in Swagga [ANLR006] by AnalogicRecordings

Psyam and STINKAHBELL - Tick Tock [ANLR006] by AnalogicRecordings

New(ish) Starkey

Anyone that knows me will know I'm a massive Starkey fan, that grimey bass, out-of-this-world synth lines, bleeps, and 8-bit sounds that would make Mario get to the end of the level a whole lot quicker.

Probably the newest Starkey out there apart from maybe the 3 track EP he gave away is a remix of Sheba's 'Serious'. Five seconds in, and you're already hit with a colourful wall of synth, enjoy.

Sheba "Serious (Starkey remix)" by starkey

...and fine! since you twisted my arm about the forementioned free EP the Starkbot gave away, here it is..

Monday, 30 August 2010

Wachs Lyrical interview + guest mix!

'Wachs Lyrical has been Djing and Producing Dubstep for the past 3 years, based mainly in Leeds and London, and playing at Vagabonds, Some Night, The Bash Out to name a few.

He is tipped by many to be the next big thing in Dubstep for 2010, with support from the likes of N-Type, Kissy Sell Out, MRK1, Gothtrad, Phaeleh, Riskotheque and Suspect.

Wachs Lyrical has 3 releases under his belt, on Subdepth, Dubsaw and Double Drop which have been getting played out by some of the biggest names in the scene, and on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Rinse.fm, Sub.fm, and Dubstep.fm' - Outlook Festival website

WO: Appreciate you doing this interview and helping us progress with this mini empire we’re looking to create. How’d you think blogs and digital stuff in general is affecting dubstep, if it is at all? Do you sniff around blogs at all?

L: To be honest, I think any information that people can get hold of regarding music is worthwhile. I know that for most people they find it very difficult to keep up to date with music, especially the more underground stuff, so in that respect I think blogs only affect in a good way.

I don’t really read too many blogs but I am mates with guys that run a few of them so I tend to just be kept up to date by them ha. They do all the work and I reap the benefits basically ;)

WO: Are you a big tweeter?

L: Not really, although I feel like I probably should be as it is a good way self promote. The only thing is that I can’t seem to find much that I want to tweet without sounding a bit like a massive douche.

WO: If anyone has sniffed around your myspace at all, they’d see you’re going out to Pula for Outlook this year, could you explain what the vibes like for anyone that hasn’t been? Is it something only bassy dream are made of?

L: Well it is my first year there as well so I can only imagine, but if it is in anyway as good as it looks like it should be then it will pretty much take the piss. I am working there as well as playing, so I don’t know exactly when I will be free to get involved in some dance-floor action but hopefully they will be kind to me and give me some time off.

WO: Any exclusives in the bag this year? Elemental Algorithm? It’s the best drop I’ve heard all year!

L: Thank you very much mate, I can’t wait to play it out in Croatia and see what it sounds like on a system. As for exclusives, that We Fresh track was just finished yesterday so I doubt many people have heard that ;) I generally try to get as many unreleased tracks into my sets and mixes so hopefully you wont have heard man of these. When I was in San Fran I saw a guy called UFO play who mixed the best set I heard the whole trip. Turns out almost his whole set was his own tracks and I have been playing them ever since. Check that NEW SICK! Track, its fierce!

WO: What’s your set up? Still favouring wax? (no pun intended) or are CDJ’s the way forward?

L: Well I have been playing of Tracktor with a Midi controller for a while now haha, so no props from certain djs for me ;) I do want to play out a few tracks from the Return to Space LP so I am gonna have to work out a way to mix easily back and forth from vinyl and computer. I can play off CDs but I just don’t see any benefit over a laptop. Vinyl obviously has a warmer and generally fuller sound, as well as the joy of collecting something, but between CDs and my MacBook it’s a very easy decision for me.

WO: What’s the gig list like when you get back from Croatia, gonna be a busy little bee?

L: Well apart from a gig with Mosca in Manchester on the 5th of November and one in Leeds that I am running on the 9th of October there is nothing booked as of yet. This being said, the summer is a very quiet time for DJs as all the students leave the cities, so I am basically waiting on their return to herald the bookings.

WO: Any news on any releases? Whats in the pipeline? Give us all the juicy details!

L: Well the next release is going to be hitting the shelves around mid October and it is a collab with Riskotheque called What I Feel Like Doing coming on Subdepth. Jack Sparrow is just finishing up not one, but two remixes of it, one of which will be the B Side with the other coming out digitally alongside a massive uk Funky iGrade remix.

After that Pariah is coming out on BRAP DEM with a TMSV remix on the flip, and Elemental Algorithm and The Project are dropping in January on Subdepth again.

I am currently in discussions with a couple of other labels, which is looking promising, so I will keep you updated on that. Lastly, I am gonna put out another digi EP on Subdepth which will be a collab release with my man (and badman producer) Akilles.

WO: ...and lastly! When us at Wax Off get our event up and running, how’d you like coming down and playing a killer set for us?

L: What kind of question is that? Of course mate!

WO: Cheers for taking the time out to do this! Have a messy time in Pula!

L: Was a pleasure.


And here's the first Wax Off Mix... smashed by of course the main man Wachs Lyrical himself!

Tracklist in the Mixcloud.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Magnetic Man - 'Perfect Stranger' (Benga Remix)

Zane Lowes hottest record for last night.. its lower, its darker, it hits you in the chest!

Have a listen -  Magnetic Man - 'Perfect Stranger' (Benga Remix)

This albums gonna search for boundaries and trample all over them! whether the dubstep community like it or not, good luck to 'em

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


September 15 is the launch date for new London events space XOYO.

Having a look at the nights lined up, XOYO, literally minutes from Old Street Station, it looks like a breath of fresh air... I've outlined three dates that have really got my pulse going!

September 21st will see Mount Kimbie perform live

September 25th plays host to Darkstar's live set, with James Blake, Ramadanman, Casper C and Skull Juice.
October 1st plays host to Ikonika, Lone, Loefah and bright spark Pariah.


Darkstar - 'North' [HDBCD006]

Can not wait for this, most anticipated release for me, by quite a margin. With the addition of lead singer James Buttery to the already sparkling production duo that gave us 'Aidy's Girls A Computer'. Exact release date is not yet known, but with all the details in place, it looks like progress is moving along nicely.

Hyperdub will release North on October 18th, 2010 in the UK

01 In The Wings
02 Gold
03 Deadness
04 Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer
05 Under One Roof
06 2 Chords
07 North
08 Ostkreuz
09 Dear Heartbeat
10 When It’s Gone

They've also got some limited live dates coming up, here's the details...
4 Sep – Netherlands Amsterdam Bimhuis
25 Sep – UK London Eat your own Ears / Bugged Out @ XOYO
8 Oct – UK Manchester Bugged Out @ Sankeys
5 Nov – Italy Turin Club to Club X @ Teatro Carignano
11 Dec – Netherlands The Hague State X New Forms @ Paard Van Troje

For the full Darkstar interview with Kode9 follow the link, great read, enjoy.

Kano - 'Spaceship'

The best track from the new Kano album 'Method to the Maadness' in my eyes. Produced by Chase & Status, albums available from 30th Auguest.

Get 'Katy On A Mission' to number 1!

I know some of the 'old school' dubstep heads are torn by what seems as sudden mainstream success for dubstep, personally I don't think anyone can deny that Katy On A Mission is THE summer smash this year, it's a great tune regardless of what genre it is. It's #5 in the iTunes list and if you're like me and wanna see this get to number one, get to iTunes and download this badboy... http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/katy-on-a-mission-ep/id387162709

While you're waiting for it to download, have a listen to the Roska remix, also available on the single, along with 'Louder' produced by Zinc.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Kano remixes (Bar9 & Redlight)

A couple days ago saw the release of Kano's "Upside" featuring Michelle Breeze, and along with it came a couple of remixes, by the resident wobble screwface merchant and a "Get Wild" remix from near household name Redlight, formerly known as Clipz. Is it just me or is Bar9 giving pretty much the same treatment to every track his management slides to him? oh well... Have a listen to the Bar9 remix below!

For the Xbox massive!

...why the bloody hell not?

Monday, 23 August 2010

MJ Cole & Wiley - 'From The Drop'

Might not be dubstep, but if a riddim is as massive as this, i'll post it... boom!

Had to...

Soul Jazz - Future Bass compilation

In my eyes, theres alot of rubbish compilations that have no thought behind them, just a slap of a sub-genre here and sprinkle of a sub-genre there and they're sorted. Now we're starting to get some tasty tracklistings from a couple of yummy compilations, latest to be added to the list is the Soul Jazz label following their highly sought after Four Tet/Mala release. Soul Jazz have put together their Future Bass featuring alot of artists they've worked with in the past. Untold, Ramadanman, Coki, Ginz and of course Mala are some of the artists included. this Future Bass compilation will be available on "super-loud, super-heavyweight triple-vinyl." The CD version will come in deluxe plastic casing, complete with a set of limited edition postcards. Available from 20th September.

01. Mala - Don't Let Me Go
02. Four Tet - Nothing To See
03. Untold - Fly Girls
04. Coki - Ransom
05. Ramadanman - Bass Drums
06. Black Chow - Air
07. LD - Mastermind
08. V.I.V.E.K - Talking Shadows
09. Randomer - Puzzled
10. Ginz - Boss
11. Harry Craze - Gone
12. Distal - Grape Donut
13. Sub Version - Free To Funk

Recommendation: Ikonika - 'Shouldn't Be Here'

The last track on Ikonika's follow up to her debut album release on Hyperdub is a techno influenced stunner of a track, a 4x4 beat and massive chords makes this as dramatic as any track out there, gives me an image of a man thats lost everything stumbling the streets, which apparently makes great listening. Add distant, echoey, lonely vocals and Ikonika's trademark melodies and this becomes one of my favourite tracks of the moment.

Pick up the whole 3 track single 'Dckhdbtch' which is out today, released through Planet Mu from practically anywhere!

Have a listen through the Planet Mu store - http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ282

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ninja Tune XX (Limited Edition Box-Set)

How exciting is this? The tracklisting looks amazing, and talking of remixes of Andreya Triana.. here's an exclusive Mala remix of 'A Town Called Obsolete'. Hopefully you'll join me as hailing Mala as someone you can't get enough of once you're ears have been opened up to him.

All the informating you need about ordering this extraordinary box-set, the tracklist go to http://www.ninjatune.net/ninjashop/index.php?cat=0&type=LP&by=6&code=ZENCD160X#ZENCD160X

Trust me when I say, you won't be disappointed, with new material from the likes of The Bug, Zomby, Mala, Benga, Eskmo, FlyLo, Scuba... how could you be?

Andreya Triana remixes

I don't know if it's me but it seems that Andreya Triana has been a bit overlooked, with her album literally out in a few hours I thought it could may be my duty to introduce to a few ears a couple of beautifully but slightly overlooked remixes.

first, probably the most heard of the two, Mount Kimbies gorgeous remix of 'A Town Called Obsolete'. To me, sounds like the shores of somewhere beautiful clashing against a rock, with soulful sounding keys with Andreya's voice sitting perfectly on top, almost whispering in parts.

and secondly, FlyLo's remix of 'Lost Where I Belong'. FlyLo's genius bordering on more genius works once again, with a relentlessly catchy bassline, harps being meddled with, and Andreya's vocals in the background all complementing eachother. Two stunning remixes of two stunning songs, from a stunning voice.

Andreya's album 'Lost Where I Belong' is being released through Ninja Tune and is available practically everywhere from tomorrow, as well as both these remixes. Get yo' ass on iTunes and cop that! 

Saturday, 21 August 2010

New Burial! Commix - 'Be True (Burial Remix)'

BeTrue (Burial Remix) by Commix

FINALLY! Burial.. to be released October 4th on Metalheadz. Burial has somehow dived to deeper depths with this beautifully crafted remix of an already brilliant tune. Something for the nightbus.

Second Culture Clash announced!

With the first one being a success, Culture Clash is coming back to The Roundhouse on October 14th. On the dubstep side of things, can you really go wrong with all three members of Magentic Man, Joker and MC Nomad? I don't think you can. Expect some holes being created in the dancefloor, some heavyweight dubplates are gonna get played, pulled up and played again!

See you there.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Cover art for Jack Sparrow - Circadian LP (Tectonic)

Something to totally look forward to! 3x vinyl and cd from October 4th...

REVIEW: Cooly G - 'Up In My Head/Phat Si'

Hyperdubs latest release comes from Cooly G, only her second on Hyperdub, which surprises most people. Lets start with the B-side "Phat Si" which I first heard on the Kode9 compilation a couple month ago. It's incredibly percussive with what can only be described a guitar being abused, forced to perform a lick and lay on top of that thumping bass and relentless top section. The beat will keep you interested throughout, and like I said, the bass indeed does thump. All that with these stunning beeps and squealing effects ontop makes this a real solid B-side. Now onto the A-side full of bumpy drums and distant keys, soft vocals and topsy turvy pads, it's been said that "Up In My Head" is a poppy release, but who gives a shit about genres anymore? Noone apparently, and who's to say thats a bad thing, I'm personally loving the fusion of genres thats creeping around this plain of soaring electronic releases, and has been creeping around for some time. Outside the box is a place everyone is thinking now, good luck to 'em all.

Re-opening of FWD @ Plastic People

For those who made their way down to Plastic People for the re-opening of FWD probably didn't expect their wallet to be searched, money to be questioned whether its fake or not, or security in a once 'casual' envioronment to be so in your face, but thats what they kinda got. Yes, sets from the likes of N-Type and Brackles kept the crowd moving, side to side, gun finger slinging, the sound system was banging, and to be fair awesome air conditioning coming out of the holes in the wall which is needed of course, us lot are sweaty beasts. Still, with all this, people have been put off from word of mouth, getting there at 9:30 and getting in at 11:00 is not ideal when you're itching for a bassline.

Myself, I'll still be there next week for Kode9... nothings gonna be put me off that!

See you there (maybe)

Introducing: Wax Off

In the ever changing world of dubstep, future garage or whatever sub-genre you wanna label the music you listen to, you might need someone to keep you up to date with releases.. up and coming artists.. gigs.. and generally 'what's good' in the scene..

Not to mention bringing back the forgotten riddims, praising the classics, interviews, previews and reviews... it's all going on!

for more info, or to be involved... email waxoffuk@gmail.com