Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lone - Animal Pattern

Nothing less than expected from the rising Nottingham star, makes me yearn for summer. Full of energy this one.

Dark Sky - Armour

Forthcoming on Blunted Robots, on the flip to High Rise, this is dancefloor murder music. The vinyls available 2nd May and the digital a week after.

Numan - Militia

Ruthless, militant, regimented.. only give them your rank and serial number. Ha, new Numan.

Moths - Summer (Free Download)

I had a butchers at XLR8R today and came across this little gem from 17 year old Jack Colleran. He goes by the alias of 'Moths' and this will chill you the fuck out. Respect!

Link: Moths - Summer

Monday, 28 March 2011

Boddika - Warehouse (Free Download)

Download a free acid soaked track from Boddika, courtesy of Hotflush (and FACTmag). Cheers guys. 'Warehouse' is Boddika's contribution to the Hotflush Back & 4th compilation, and they've only gone and bloody given it away for free. Laavely.

Recommended: Om Unit - Prawn Cocktail (Salva Remix)

Out now on the Om Unit release on Civil Music 'Timps EP'. This is a pretty remix of a lovely original, both can be found on the release..

Om Unit - Prawn Cocktail (Salva Remix) by SALVA

Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Peverelist on Hessle Audio

The new Hessle release has been unveiled, a 2 track release by Peverelist, 'Dance Til The Police Come' with 'Fundamentals' on the flip. Due to drop April 4th, both dancefloor killers!

Burial - 'Street Halo' and 'Stolen Dog'

Kode9 was on Benji B's show last night playing loads of new Hyperdub bits, including of course new Burial from his 3 track release 'Street Halo' that drops on Monday.

Burial - Street Halo

Burial - Stolen Dog

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hyetal - Beach Scene

More Hyetal, more of this 80's vibe. When I listen to this I can see open turquoise shirts, bit of hair of the chest, dodgy moustaches and a speedboat. There's something special on the horizon from this Broadcast album, I can feel it.

Hyetal - Diamond Islands (Boddika Remix)

Diamond Islands is the lead single from Hyetal's 'Broadcast' LP forthcoming on Black Acre and some people are understandably waiting for this remix to drop just as much as the 80's influenced original. Have a listen.

Alpines - Ice And Arrows (Dark Sky Remix)

I'd call this night bus music, I can imagine listening to this in the back seats of the top of a bus coming back from a night out, blurry street lights passing you by. Apparently Alpines make 'night pop' so it's quite fitting. Dark Sky have gave this the remix treatment and I believe it's up for free download, so fill ya boots!

New Burial on Hyperdub

His first solo stuff for 4 years has been announced, days after his limited Four Tet and Thom Yorke collaborations get their first play. The A-side is 'Street Halo' with tracks 'NYC' and 'Stolen Dog' on the flip. it's crazy how just the mention of Burial still gets people salivating. Eagerly awaiting some clips.. or something.

Monday, 21 March 2011

New Addison Groove on 3042

More Addison Groove is what a lot of this bass community has been waiting for and Martyn and his 3024 label have delivered, along with the ominous forthcoming Swamp81 release of course. Expect the usual house/dubstep/juke influenced, cowbell infused, 808 banging dancefloor murder. Well, you don't have to expect it, there's clips of the 2 tracks 'It's Got Me' and 'Minutes Of Funk' below, Cheers XLR8R. Out May 2nd.

Chase & Status - Time (Numan Remix)

Nothing official here, just Numan showing more of his remixing skills.

Skream (feat. Sam Frank) - Where You Should Be (Music Video)

Personally my favourite cut from the Outside The Box album, trippy visuals, fits the song perfectly.. Obviously.

Hackman & Wachs Lyrical - Let Her Go

This has got some real soul, proper 90's feel (check that breakdown!) Big fan of both these guys productions. This really should wash away any bullshit Monday blues you have, I apologize for how cliche that might sound but it is true, ha.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

CPU/GOD - It Begins

More thought-provoking bass music from CPU/GOD, this one really drives you through the tune. squarey melodies and solid beat.

They've also got an EP up for download, called Now Hush EP, link just below.

Download: Now Hush EP

Friday, 18 March 2011

Recommended: Lone - Explorers

Off his first R&S release entitled 'Echolocations EP'. Lone is really solidifying his status as one of the rising stars of electronic music, with his incredible understanding of melody and solid beats, and a versatility that stretches quite far and quite wide! The release on R&S is six tracks long but this is my personal pick, the tracklist is below.

1. Lone – Coreshine Voodoo
2. Lone – Explorers
3. Lone – Dolphin
4. Lone – Approaching Rainbow
5. Lone – Blossom Quarter
6. Lone – Rapid Racer

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Burial & Four Tet (feat. Thom Yorke) - Mirrors

Sorry for the separate posts, heard them at separate times, ha. This is more what people would 'expect' from a Burial production, the last one might've been leading towards Four Tet if you were really paying attention to the drums. This is a really gorgeous piece of work though, the Thom Yorke vocals do more to this track than they do in 'Ego'. Still, the whole Text Records release sounds like an instant bag, for the lucky punters who get there before it evaporates, of course.

Burial & Four Tet (feat. Thom Yorke) - Ego

The A-side to the Ego/Mirrors release on Text Records, extremely limited availability I presume! I'm sure most people heard this when Floating Points aired it on Rinse, It's a nice bouncy/haunting cut with a tingly house vibe, Radiohead's Thom Yorke lending his vocal chords to haunt it even more. if you didn't and you're a fan of UK bass music, you should be ashamed, I jest.. Here it is for y'all.

Skream (feat. Trim) - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

#getouttahere but seriously though, been a fan of Trimball and Skream from day and read a lot of back and forth about a collaboration, nice to hear it surface, madness.

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix)

The new Woon single gets the sexy-dripping-with-swagger Hudson Mohawke treatment. You'll find it on the release that's just around the corner, April 4th is the date.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Recommended: A1 Bassline - 1.4.7

Out today on A1 Bassline, Tek-One and Kavsrave's jointly run Tighten Up Records, A1 has calmed down a little bit with this driving house cut. It's on the flip to Shock Headed which is also worth a proper listen, but my recommendation today is 1.4.7, have a badman day!

Koreless - 4D / MTI

There's a lot of noise spreading about Koreless at the moment, and rightfully so.. People are saying they felt the same way when listening to James Blake or Ramadanman for the first time that they do when listening to this release. Minimal with a whole lot of soul. Out March 21st on Pictures Music.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Svpreme mix for URB

I'm such a massive fan of Svpreme, massive release on Local Action and a few V.I.P's thrown out here and there. Cheers for this URB! Link below..

1. Svpreme Fiend – Defeated
2. Svpreme Fiend – Guardian
3. Svpreme Fiend – Vultures
4. Svpreme Fiend – Fallen Star
5. Svpreme Fiend – Remorse
6. Svpreme Fiend – Herald
7. Svpreme Fiend – Evert
8. Svpreme Fiend – Wither VIP
9. Svpreme Fiend – Vestibule
10. Svpreme Fiend – Blinker
11. Svpreme Fiend – Confession
12. Svpreme Fiend – You VIP

Friday, 11 March 2011

Savage Skulls - Caravan (Jacques Greene Remix)

Nothing better than new Jacques Greene on a Friday. With the release of Another Girl on LuckyMe imminent he still finds time to remix this Savage Skulls cut. Can't say I've heard the original but you can hear the Greene in this remix, old school feel... kinda. Grab the link below (thanks XLR8R).

Link: Savage Skulls - Caravan (Jacques Greene Remix)

Recommended: Boxcutter - Allele/Other People

Over the last couple days I've been battering this Planet Mu release! The tom-happy Allele with the rainbow of sounds that is Other People on the flip, this came out on the 7th March so nothing stopping you from picking it up.

Boxcutter - Allele by hughrb

Numan - G.O.L.D EP

Numan Khan is carving a real name for himself, from the Secrets EP on Supdepth, through the mega-highly rated Race Against Time EP on Planet Mu all the way to the free EP he gave away around Xmas time. The EP starts off with title track G.O.L.D, a gangster lullaby, hypnotising rhythm that after a while becomes quite dramatic. That leads onto ‘Again’ which screams Numan production all over it, those square synths, looped melody on top, this has been gaining a bit of play on Rinse with MC’s tearing it up, more to come I should think. Last on the EP is ‘Snakes in the Grass’ which is simply a relentless drum pattern ontop of what sounds like a malfunctioning computer, with a melody and useful vocal stab placed on top. The whole EP gives off a dramatic vibe, it’s kinda sinister, I like it, just look at my iTunes play count (if you ever get the chance). It’s ONLY available to buy from

Monday, 7 March 2011

Katy B - Broken Record (Jacques Greene Remix)

Looks like it's gonna be a real solid release from Rinse and Katy B, with the original sounding real good and it being backed up by 3 massive remixes from Todd the God, Geeneus and Jacques Greene. You might not be surprised to know what my pick of the bunch is. I don't know what it is but there's something very old school about this, with a bit of 2011 thrown in.

Doc Daneeka & Benjamin Damage - Creeper / Infamous

Out 'very soon' on 50 Weapons, solid vibes.

Recommended: Shy One - Decaffeinated Love EP

DVA Music yet again putting out a another massive release, for me personally the GuGu release has been a regular fixture in any little mix that I've put out lately. 2 Original Shy One cuts and remixes courtesy of Numan and Deep Teknologi bossman T. Williams. It's out now, highly recommended. Here's the link to buy it on Boomkat.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

6 and Out... Starkey

Next up in the 6 and Out series is Starkey!
WO: When did you find yourself really getting into grime?
S: I got into it really early on. When I was living in London back in 2001, the vocal garage thing was in full swing, and that kind of led me into uk mc's in general. I really enjoyed the early Streets stuff that came out around that time, and he was doing stuff that was already moving towards that "Pulse X" kind of sound. I remember hearing those b-sides "Streets Score" and "Geezers Need Excitement" and really being excited about the music in there. So yeah, I stayed in touch with what was going on in the London pirate radio scene and the early Roll Deep stuff amongst other things really inspired me.

WO: How is grime music received in the US? Is there any that same energy?
S: It's not really... haha. I mean, when people mix it into "dubstep" it will work depending on the city, but mainstream American audiences are not interested in hearing rappers with UK accents, or using slang that they don't understand, or even the rhyme schemes and cadences associated with grime. I don't think it will ever be popular here as "grime". Maybe more of a hiphop crossover thing could happen. The underground will always be interested in things that won't break into the mainstream, so it does have a small life here. But dubstep is definitely the big buzz word that has crossed over into America over the past year or so. It's taken on a whole other life over here that people in the UK probably have no clue exists.

WO: Apart from your LP, what would you say is your favourite release of your own?

S: That's a tough one. I'd have to say "Creature" is one of my favorite tracks I've ever made. I really enjoy that song from start to finish. There's a lot of really interesting things happening rhythmically and harmonically.

WO: You’ve worked with a few MC’s on the grime scene, is there anyone you’re looking to work with this year? Any vocalists?

S: Um... I don't have anything new planned with someone I haven't worked with in the past. I mean, I just finished this track that's dropping on No Hats No Hoods March 21st with Merky Ace & Kozzie, then I'm planning to do some more stuff with Trim and P-Money. I think doing a tune with Scrufizzer would be cool.

WO: What’s your favourite synth?
S: That's a tough one. My favorite synth of all time would probably have to be the Yamaha CS-80. it's sick. I have the Arturia re-creation which sounds pretty good. Wish I had an original though. They're ridiculously expensive if you can find one.

WO: Finally, what’s the big goal for 2011?

S: #1 record in the charts. Working on it. ha

Video for FaltyDL - Gospel of Oak (feat. Anneka)

From the forthcoming LP on Planet Mu You Stand Uncertain, featuring the gorgeous voice of Anneka. Directed by Ben Soper. The album sees a release on March 14.

Wachs Lyrical - The Long Walk South

Forthcoming on Wicked Bass, and the man himself said to expect a big name remix on the flip.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Neat + Submerse - Close (Jack Dixon remix)

New Jack Dixon is always a plus and this is forthcoming on Airflex Labs on March 28th. Great synth work and the patented skewing of the vocals. Grab the whole release for this, along with the original cut and the FaltyDL remix, can't go wrong.

Artwork and Tracklist for Dels' 'GOB'

The Joe Goddard remix of Trumpalump was one of my favourite tracks of last year, the steel pans were so smooth. Now, Dels is gearing up his LP release on Big Dada. There's production on the album from Kwes, Michachu and of course Joe Goddard with him chucking in a few guest vocals along with Roots Manuva and Elan Tamara. It hits the shelves on May 24, check the artwork and tracklist below.

1. Hydronenburg
2. Trumpalump feat. Joe Goddard
3. Shapeshift feat. Joe Goddard
4. Moonshining
5. Eating Clouds
6. Melting Patterns
7. Capsize feat. Joe Goddard and Roots Manuva
8. Violina
9. DLR feat. Elan Tamara
10. Droogs
11. GOB feat. Elan Tamara

Starkey release on No Hats No Hoods

The latest release from No Hats No Hoods comes from Philly, from Starkey of course. A-side PC features Merky Ace & Kozzie with the instrumental on the release as a B-side, along with Peacekeeper. We love Starkeys take on grime, he's a fucking monster on whatever synth he decides to bring out! This all comes out on March 21.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hyetal announces 'Broadcast'

After releases on Orca and Punch Drunk amongst others it's Manchester's Black Acre label that'll be releasing the debut album from Hyetal on May 2. Check the tracklist for 'Broadcast' below and the artwork above.

1. Ritual
2. Diamond Islands ft. Alison Garner
3. Phoenix
4. Beach Scene
5. The Chase
6. Searchlight
7. Dimepiece
8. Boneyard
9. Transmission
10. Black Black Black ft. Alison Garner