Thursday, 29 September 2011

Drive OST

I've been banging on about this film since I saw it last week and I've been banging on equally (if not more) about the amazing soundtrack. It captures the cocaine-centric, retro vibe of the film. Seriously, go see it and these songs will find themselves on your iPod within days. Here's probably the 2 most recognizable songs from the film.

Darling Farah - Grace

On the next EP according to the man himself, lovely.

Blawan & Pariah start up new label and ready first release

Label named 'Works The Longs Nights' and first release is from Blawan & Pariah's collaborative alias Karenn. Follow the link to stream the three tracks on the release.

Link - Karenn - Limewash (Barrelled)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Addison Groove - Footcrab (DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn remix)

Quite simply, a footwork erection.

Stream all of Starkey's 'Open The Pod Bay Doors' EP

Ninja Tune have been on a bit of roll with EP's as of late and you can just add this Starkey creation to the list. This EP shows the different sides of Starkey. He'll get you amped up with 'street bass' anthems 'Blood Roses' and 'Rayguns'. Then, he'll chill you the fuck out with the futuristic title track 'Open The Pod bay Doors'. The release date is Halloween so mark it down. Follow the link to stream it all.

Link - Starkey - Open The Pod Bay Doors EP

Monday, 26 September 2011

Numan - Secrets (Blynk Remix) - Free DL

To say thank you for the follows, the SoundCloud hits and overall support Blynk is giving away this gem! It's a remix of Numan's 'Secrets' and it's gorgeous, with the angelic pads and skippy garage vibe beat. I don't often describe a tune as 'sexy' but there you go, I said it. You know what to do for the download, up-facing arrow on the right hand side. Follow the link to the SoundCloud for the WAV file.

Washed Out - You'll See (Midland Edit)

There isn't a bad Midland edit out there, there really isn't. This is a pretty chilled piece, find a beach somewhere (or create one), bang this on and catch the sun while it's relatively out. This is 'low quality' and a free download will be available soon apparently.

Justin Berkovi - Old Timer (Jack Dixon Remix)

Forthcoming on Other Heights, 12" and digital. I hadn't done my regular SoundCloud search for a week or 2 and I came across this Jack Dixon remix that's forthcoming. Trademark everything from the London producer here. Watch this space for release details.

Justin Berkovi - Old Timer (Jack Dixon Remix) [OtherHeights 12"] by jackdixon

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Hackman Remix)

Hackman has been on a high after his 'Close' release that I'm still personally battering the shit out of and with his PTN release just around the corner, he's on fire. He's also feeling generous apparently as he's given Pitchfork this bouncy remix of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' 'Garden'. The link's below.

Download - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Hackman remix)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Deepest Darkest Edit) - Video

This is a manifestation of @HammerErnest. It's really something to be watched than explained. Open your mind.

Mickey Pearce readies Swamp 81 release

Most will know Richard Attely as Shortstuff and a lot will already know him as Mickey Pearce as well. Well now, he's making Mickey Pearce his permanent alias as he gets ready to drop this naughty 12". ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Get’ / ‘I Am’ is expected to drop late October or early November on Swamp81. Mickey Pearce is a rascal for this one, have a listen below.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Joker LP release date, artwork & tracklist

The long awaited debut album 'The Vision' is nearly here, as near as October 31st on 4AD. Artwork above, tracklist below.

1. Intro
2. Here Come The Lights [featuring Silas (Turboweekend)]
3. Tron
4. The Vision (Let Me Breathe) [featuring Jessie Ware]
5. Milky Way
6. Level 6 (Interlude)
7. My Trance Girl
8. Lost [featuring Buggsy & Otis Brown]
9. On My Mind [featuring William Cartwright]
10 Back In The Days [featuring Buggsy, Shadz, Scarz & Double (KHK-SP)]
11. Electric Sea [featuring Jay Wilcox]
12. The Magic Causeway [Joker & Ginz Outro]

Jack Dixon & Rick Grant - Running Man EP

First off, it's been a while. I do apologize but I've just become busier with more things than I know what to do with. I thought I'd come back with this, forthcoming on George Fitzgerald's 'Man Make Music' imprint. To be honest if you're a fan of George Fitzgeralds music, you'll love Jack Dixon. As you'll probably know I'm a massive fan of Jack Dixon and this is just another EP to be added to the fast growing, glittering back catalogue of his. This one comes with Jack Dixon teaming up with one third of the TAKE Records team, it features 2 orginal cuts and a Kevin McPhee remix. Expect the usual glistening chords and sprinkle of chopped up vocals.