Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My Favourite Electronic Album of 2010

...I've actually been thinking about this, and I've got a winner in my mind..

Starkey - Ear Drums and Black Holes

I've been addicted to Starkey ever since 'Gutter Music' which I think was described by Martin Clark as the best grime track made outside of grime. This album just further develops Starkeys love affair with Grime music, with P. Money on 'Numb' and the OK Luv instrumental on the album (some will be familiar with the Badness vocal) just backing it up. For me personally, 'Neck Snap' was an anthem for me for quite a while, reigning on top of my iTunes most played list. 

There you go, my album of the year... if you care, cheers

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Footcrab V.I.P - Xmas Pressie from Mr. Addison Groove

There's been so many generous people giving out stuff for xmas.. too many to post up on here, but I'd go hunting for the Red instrumental from Numan, bit of 8bit grime... a Fused Forces EP, a few bits from Mensah and a 2 part compilation from Grime don Terror Danjah... they're all over their respective facebooks, twitters and soundclouds.

Then there's the Footcrab V.I.P that Addison Groove is giving away, large up everyone feeling festive.

Follow the link, click on the Santa to get your gift
Link: Swamp 81's Xmas Gift

Friday, 24 December 2010

Hammer Ernest & Daryl Lee - Curious (Dark Bass Edit)

Hammer Ernest has been capturing the dark mood for a while, creating music for the night bus journeys all across London. Emphasizing on dungeon bass, distinctive drums and sparse rhythms. This is the latest creation creeping out the deepest darkest corner, it's a Daryl Lee track, produced by Hammer Ernest, and we've got an exclusive play

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Numan interview

This was an interview I did with Numan about 2 months ago, was signed and sealed for a magazine, but for some reason or another, it didn't quite make it... so, here it is, happy days!

Numan Khan from Manchester is a new artist for Planet Mu with an original musical style that mixes dubstep and grime influences with an idiosyncratic take on rhythm to great effect.
                                                                              -Planet Mu

SS Great release on Planet Mu, was there anywhere else you could see ‘Race Against Time’ being released other than Mu?

N: Nah man Mu was the one for that they take risks putting out experimental stuff and them four tunes are all different in a way... It's more of a showcase.

SS: You a fan of the Juke stuff they've been pushing out?

N: yeah man, me and DJ Roc were supposed to start some tunes, I started something... dunno what's going on now though. Both a bit busy.

SS: People say there’s a lot of grime influences in Race Against Time, you a fan of the grime scene?

N: Yeah I don't listen to much now though... just whenever i got time or if it is on my pc, but i grew up on Grime/Dubstep not disco etc I'm, not 30... stuff like Wiley's Tunnel Visions, Cold Blooded radio, Meridian sets etc... and just Dubstep stuff like Fabric Live 37, Dubstep Allstars Vol.5...

SS: What kind of DJ support have you been getting, and any MC’s wanting to jump on a track or 2, I could imagine ‘XX’ would put a smile on the face of a few grime-heads?
N: Yeah I don’t know about DJ Support to be honest i just send tracks out whenever to who's online after I finish a tune most of the time it is unfinished but fuck it... I know Scratcha has recently been pushing my stuff and P Money freestyled on ‘Again’.

SS: …and you can scan YouTube for that. Is there any particular DJ's you'd be real chuffed about if they spun out your track?

N: Nah man not really that's like forcing someone to play your tune if they really feel it they would play it.

SS: Any upcoming releases you got coming up that we should be on the look out for?

N: Yeah man got She Says coming out on Darkestral Recordings later this year I think...

SS: Glad to hear plans of that getting a release, heard it back on Mary Anne Hobbs, some colorful stuff!

…anyone on remix duty planned for anything on 'Race Against Time'? That you know of…

N: Nah don't think there is going to be any this EP is fully done now... on to the next one.
SS: Makes sense, keeping it moving is the only way. What’s your take on where dubstep is going? Or are you in the crowd that think the borders between genres are too thin anyway to worry about it?

N: Ah I don't know to be honest it's gone everywhere now but I don't really care I think it's that half-step pattern which is dying out not Dubstep itself.

SS: Is there any releases from anyone else you're looking forward to?

N: Joker's album and Darkstar's just came out which is sick!

SS: Yea, talks of mercury prize already for the Darkstar album, good luck to'em... Lastly, any upcoming gigs? or mixes we should be on the lookout for?
N: Yeah recording a mix for Bestival's website tonight which i think will be up soon and gigs basically I turned down so many gigs i am getting peer pressured into gigging now I can't DJ and don't want to learn to DJ people expect to me play a set on my pc in the club on VDJ or something (what I use to record mixes)... I am learning a live set though at the moment when I got some free time... I dunno when that will be ready.

SS: Haha, cheers for having a little chat with us! looking forward to any upcoming releases mate..

N: Safe.

Monday, 20 December 2010

My 10 picks for 2010 no particular order

1. Ramadanman - Work Them
2. LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat - Boomslang
3. Kingdom - Fogs
4. Becoming Real feat. Trim - Like Me
5. Eskmo - Cloudlight
6. Four Tet - Angel Echoes
7. Jacques Greene - Baby I Don't Know (What You Want)
8. Dark Sky - Leave
9. Julio Bashmore - Footsteppin'
10. SRC - Goomba V.I.P


Hyperdub in 2011

It's been such a massive year for Hyperdub in 2010 with Ikonikas album getting great reviews everywhere, Terror Danjah being given a platform to fully showcase what a great grime producer he really is, Darkstar continuing to push boundaries and on a personal note, LV with one of my favourite releases of the year with 'Boomslang'. All that success is sure to overlap into 2011 with what we already know is on the cards. Morgan Zarate with his Hookid EP, ‘Fuller/Hurricane Riddim' from North London house producers Funkystepz and a new Kode9 album being released in April called Black Sun.

That'll do nicely.

James Blake album artwork and tracklist

Album set to be releases February 7th next year, through Atlas/A&M. Any fan of James Blake before this uprise will find the artwork familiar from the Klavierwerke EP.

1. Unluck
2. Wilhelms Scream
3. I Never Learnt To Share
4. Lindesfarne I
5. Lindesfarne II
6. Limit To Your Love
7. Give Me My Month
8. To Care (Like You)
9. Why Don’t You Call Me
10. I Mind
11. Measurements

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Jam City and Scratcha DVA remix Bad Autopsy's 'Ginmixer'

Ramp new guy Bad Autopsy unwraps a 12" for us for Christmas, follow the link and stream the Jam City and Scratcha DVA remixes, it's pretty much what you'd expect from each remix, both tearing it down in their individual ways... 

Link: Ginmixer remixes

Friday, 17 December 2010

Jammer - Back to the 90's (Video)

Probably my favourite cut from the Jahmanji LP, big video to match it.. have a butchers

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Download a new Hudson Mohawke remix

..of Games' 'Strawberry Skies'. Pretty gorgeous if you ask me, instant download! Follow the link, cheers FACT.

Link: Games - Strawberry Skies (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Ramadanman Fabric CD confirmed

David Kennedy (Ramadanaman/Pearson Sound) has signed up to do a Fabric mix next year LWD can confirm. He's been on absolute fire this year and with the new year coming up has got a number of tracks in a number of 2010 top 10 lists, across numerous magazines, and websites... This could be pretty epic!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Download an SRC remix of Mr. Mitch's 'Skittles'

Been a bit of a grime anthem for a few, and now the remixes are coming flooding in. I'm personally a massive fan of this 8bit grime movement and the instrumental grime scene as a whole, with Elijah, Skilliam and all the Butterz bunch bringing it in to 2011 no doubt! Follow the link below..

New Eskmo video

We Got More has got the video treatment, theres definitely a bit of Inception in the air with this video.. 

Have a butchers..

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Stream DJ Rashad's album "Just a Taste"

Juke lynchpin DJ Rashad's Just a Taste album was placed in FACTmags top 40 albums and it ain't even out til Monday, from what I've heard of it, he's put a lot of soul into this..

Follow the link and stream the whole album

Link: DJ Rashad - Just a Taste

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Rita Indiana - Los Poderes (Kingdom Remix) FREE DL

Kingdom, the man responsible for, personally my favourite release of this year with Fogs has apparently been kind enough to give away this gorgeous little remix, sounds like pieces of a puzzle being brought into an equation and then fitting together perfectly at the right time.. Grab your free download from the upwards pointing arrow on the soundcloud player.

Rita Indiana - Los Poderes (Kingdom Remix) by Wax Off

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Modus Magazine

The first issue of Modus Magazine is now on sale, delving into the deeper sounds, some great artists being featured, and I've got a little piece in there on Jack Dixon. The mag is definitely something worth reading. Go grab yours

Link: Modus Magazine

and also, get at me on twitter, i'm always writing there aswell, ha.


Friday, 3 December 2010

Starkey - Robot Hands (Egyptrixx remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD

A while ago we told you about Starkey's movie-esque Space Traitor Vol. 1, well we're about 2 days away from the release and we got a free download to fling your way. Egyptrixx puts his spin on Starkey's Robot Hands in what sounds like a lively conversation with an alien to be fair. We can't wait for the release, it all sounds amazing, people like Ital Tek on remix duty, Narration by Halfcast and another Starkey/Anneka collaberation. Grab your download from the little upwards facing arrow on the right of the player, boom!

Starkey - Robot Hands (Eygptrixx Remix) by Wax Off

'Skydiver' - Cassie refix album (Mickey Pearce, Jacques Greene, Brackles + more)

London bass-hub Local Action are putting together a free album for all of us to download on December 6th. it's full of Cassie remixes, and why not! Below you can check out the tracklist and 2 of the featured tracks, a tribally-housey refix of Me & U from Shortstuff under his Mickey Pearce moniker and a Jacques Greene refix of Must Be Love.

1. Addiction (Lunice Remix)
2. Me & U (Mickey Pearce’s Mickey Luvs Cassie Mix)
3. Is It You? (Svpreme Fiend Remix)
4. Me & U (Brackles Remix)
5. Thirsty (Slackk Remix)
6. Must Be Love (Jacques Greene’s Marriage Proposal Mix)
7. Me & U (8Bitch Cover)

Mickey Loves Cassie by Shortstuffmusic

Must Be Love RMX by Jacques Greene

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jam City - Magic Drops EP

Night Slugs on form again with this one, the first official release from the 'future of house' Jam City. You can scrap that moniker for a while cause this is some futuristic grime with wonky squares straight from eski-land, thats followed by something a bit more grime-bass infused and to round it up he gives us some more atmosphere.. but thats it only in a nutshell, go and cop it to feel the full vibe.. great first release from Jam City. Follow the link to new re-vamped Night Slugs website and at the top you'll find a preview for Magic Drops EP, happy days.

1. Magic Drops
2. Scene Girl
3. 2 Hot

Link: Night Slugs

On the Playlist: Joy Orbison - Ladywell

Some people may have thought the bar was set too high with Hyph Mngo, but with a string of effortlessly good releases Joy Orbison has gone from strength to strength. The latest tune to reach my playlist is the B-side to his latest release on his own Doldrums label (DLDRMS 002). Sampling Usher's 'Burn' and like so many of Joy Orbison's housey productions, keeps evolving throughout. Follow the link and have a listen to the vinyl rip Pitchfork posted up.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Elijah & Skilliam podcast for XLR8R

One of the best recent XLR8R podcasts, and not just saying that as a bias grime kid.. it's showcasing the rise of instrumental grime, showered with beeps and bleeps, clicks and ticks and 8 bit grime vibes. Follow the link.