Thursday, 3 March 2011

6 and Out... Starkey

Next up in the 6 and Out series is Starkey!
WO: When did you find yourself really getting into grime?
S: I got into it really early on. When I was living in London back in 2001, the vocal garage thing was in full swing, and that kind of led me into uk mc's in general. I really enjoyed the early Streets stuff that came out around that time, and he was doing stuff that was already moving towards that "Pulse X" kind of sound. I remember hearing those b-sides "Streets Score" and "Geezers Need Excitement" and really being excited about the music in there. So yeah, I stayed in touch with what was going on in the London pirate radio scene and the early Roll Deep stuff amongst other things really inspired me.

WO: How is grime music received in the US? Is there any that same energy?
S: It's not really... haha. I mean, when people mix it into "dubstep" it will work depending on the city, but mainstream American audiences are not interested in hearing rappers with UK accents, or using slang that they don't understand, or even the rhyme schemes and cadences associated with grime. I don't think it will ever be popular here as "grime". Maybe more of a hiphop crossover thing could happen. The underground will always be interested in things that won't break into the mainstream, so it does have a small life here. But dubstep is definitely the big buzz word that has crossed over into America over the past year or so. It's taken on a whole other life over here that people in the UK probably have no clue exists.

WO: Apart from your LP, what would you say is your favourite release of your own?

S: That's a tough one. I'd have to say "Creature" is one of my favorite tracks I've ever made. I really enjoy that song from start to finish. There's a lot of really interesting things happening rhythmically and harmonically.

WO: You’ve worked with a few MC’s on the grime scene, is there anyone you’re looking to work with this year? Any vocalists?

S: Um... I don't have anything new planned with someone I haven't worked with in the past. I mean, I just finished this track that's dropping on No Hats No Hoods March 21st with Merky Ace & Kozzie, then I'm planning to do some more stuff with Trim and P-Money. I think doing a tune with Scrufizzer would be cool.

WO: What’s your favourite synth?
S: That's a tough one. My favorite synth of all time would probably have to be the Yamaha CS-80. it's sick. I have the Arturia re-creation which sounds pretty good. Wish I had an original though. They're ridiculously expensive if you can find one.

WO: Finally, what’s the big goal for 2011?

S: #1 record in the charts. Working on it. ha

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