Wednesday, 2 February 2011

6 and Out... SRC

In the coming weeks I'm looking to have short & sweet interviews with as many people in the UK bass music scene as I possibly can. 6 questions and they're out!

First up is SRC


WO: I know it’s a hard question to answer but when did you get into grime?

SRC: I've been into grime from day 1, was always a UK Garage fan, and just followed it as the sound changed.

WO: What your favourite release of your own?

SRC: Hmm difficult, I like them all differently, I suppose Gold Coinz is the one I Keep playing more though, it was the first that got signed.

WO: A few people are saying this is the year of the grime remix, is that a door you see opening?

SRC: Yeah, It'd be good to have more grime versions on mainstream releases, the same as it is with Dubstep.  I did a remix of the Crystal Fighters track 'in the summer' last year, which was fun.
Royal-T's just done a sick remix of Yasmin's "On My own", hopefully that will be the start of a wave of big remixes.

WO: Where would you like to see grime this time next year?

SRC: I'd just like to see more releases from artists and producers, so that everything people want is accessible. Would love more Grime raves and live events too.

WO: If you was to tell people of THE place to get down for the full grime experience, where would you recommend?

SRC: In Birmingham it's got to be Goonies. That's a regular grime & Dubstep event who've previously had people like Logan Sama, P Money, D Double E, Butterz, Invasion, Stayfresh and loads more. Always a good vibe in there!

WO: …and lastly, what’s upcoming for SRC in 2011?

SRC: Just more tunes, I'm finishing up some tracks for release at the moment so look out for them, and more mixes too.

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