Monday, 28 February 2011

Wax Off Recommends: Kavsrave -The Break Up EP

Out today on Tighten Up records.. it's big, it's spacey, it's bassy. great synthwork and mellow vocals, not much more I could ask for on what is quite frankly a shitty looking Monday morning.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jacques Greene - Another Girl

People are still rinsing out The Look EP, and I've personally still got (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want and the Cassie refix he did on repeat.. But LuckyMe are putting out another Jacques Greene 12". Prepare to be drowned in a sea of analogue bass and vocal cuts.

Here's the release date info:

12" Release Date: 14th March 2011

Digital Release Date: 29th March 2011

A side:
Jacques Greene - Another Girl

B side:
Jacques Greene - Holdin On (Braiden Remix) 
Jacques Greene - The Look (Mark Flush U.R Remix)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wax Off Guest Mix: SRC

SRC answered a few questions for us a while ago in our 6 and Out series and now he's hit us with a massive mix. The Gold Coinz EP on Numbers has been regular listening material and Goomba V.I.P was one of my favourite grime tunes of last year. Can't wait to hear more of this 8-bit grime revolution in 2011. You know the deal with the download, down facing arrow on the right of the player, safe!

1. Trilla - 0121 (Remix)
2. Emvee - Street Lights
3. SRC - Tokyo Central
4. SRC - Scumbag
5. SRC - Oi Oi
6. SRC - Quaterback Circle
7. Moony - Bug Out
8. SRC - Untitled
9. SRC - Untitled
10. SRC - Untitled
11. Mensah - Untitled Future Funk
12. Kavsrave - The Break Up (Anger)
13. Mr Figz - Look Inside (Instrumental Remix)
14. Numan - Volvic
15. Meleka - Miss Me (Swindle Remix)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Finally getting the recognition he deserves, crooning the waves with Night Air co-"produced" with Burial, now have a listen to Lady Luck.. How can it not be his year? Follow the link..

New Becoming Real

I said on Twitter a few days ago I'm just waiting for some new Becoming Real and it seems someone was listening! There's a new release on the way, more deep eski depths, vocal chops, dark synths, a Jam City remix and it's all coming out on Becoming Real's new label Cold World Industries. Next I'm just hoping for some new Trim collaborations. This EP should hit the digital shelves on March 7th. Below is Closer, have a listen..

Jacques Greene - The Look (Kingdom Edit)

Jacques Greene's LuckyMe release went straight into my favourites of 2010 even though it was a December release. We're heard The Look get the Koreless makeover now it's Tell Me that's getting that edited touch from fellow Night Slugs stablemate Kingdom, who was also responsible with one of my favourite 2010 releases with Fogs. Grab your download just below.

Download: Jacques Greene - Tell Me (Kingdom Edit)

Chrissy Murderbot - Bussin' Down EP

Planet Mu continue to introduce juke and footworkin' to the dancefloors with this one, it's getting a warm reception if what I saw on a Swamp81 uStream broadcast of Addison Groove is anything to go by. This EP contains 2 original Chrissy Murderbot with one of them collaborating with lynchpin DJ Spinn. The other 3 tracks are remixes of Chrissy and MC Zulu's The Vibe Is Right including a Rashad and Spinn one. A must for any Juke enthusiast I think you'll agree.

Chrissy Murderbot - "Bussin' Down" EP (ZIQ293) by chrissymurderbot

Monday, 21 February 2011

Jack Dixon - Keith (Eliphino Remix)

I'm a fan of both of these artists, on a personal note I'm a massive fan of Jack Dixon's stuff, he was the man I built my first published around. Now this is a gorgeous remix, forthcoming on Take Records.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Kahn - Like We Used To/Helter Skelter

2 tunes showing 2 separate sides of Punch Drunk newcomer Kahn. Like We Used To chills you out, with the chopped soulful vocals and laying-by-beach-like chords and wonky nature, with Helter Skelter on the flip taking you on a relentlessly bumping 'ride' (sorry for the pun).

MJ Cole - Satellite EP

Still the dogs bollocks, MJ Cole is! 4 very different vibes on this EP, but all moody, deep, atmospheric and dramatic I suppose in their own seperate ways. Drawing on UK Funky, Dubstep and all this post modern bass music, MJ Cole still stands at the top of the pile when it comes to solid production value. It's expected to drop 28th of February.

"Satellite EP" - MJ Cole by MJ Cole

The b-side to 'Sicko Cell'

What's on the flip to the Sicko Cell record forthcoming on Swamp81? It's this..

I'm not really fussed who the artist is, but I can't deny I do hear a bit of Mr. Orbison in this, Joy that is, not Roy. Really looking forward to what Loe and the Swamp81 camp have got for 2011, itching for some Addison Groove, on a personal note.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Yolanda Be Cool - Villalobos For Presidente (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Nice bouncy housey vibes here. Dubbel Dutch has been churning out some proper quality remixes and not to mention the 'Pulso' tune that was the b-side to Untold's 'Anaconda Refix' that I instantly bagged. big things in 2011? Unfortunately it's already reached the download limit, but look around, I'm sure someone will be kind enough to host it somewhere!

Joy O - Jels

Just been captivated by the b-side of the new Joy O(rbison) record, coming out on Hotflush imminently. I posted up a link to FACTmag that had the radio rip of Wade In, now have a butchers at the b-side. On the second half of this soundcloud clip..

Joy O - Wade In / Jels [HF027] Hotflush Recordings by stholdings

Kode9 & The Spaceape - Otherman/Love Is The Drug artwork

With a new album 'Black Sun' to look forward to, Kode9 and his lyrical sidekick are ready to unleash Otherman with Love Is The Drug, featuring vocalist Cha Cha (who you might recognize from Time Patrol) is on the flip. No audio for me to post up as of yet, but I've got the artwork for y'all.. Arty!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Late, late Valentines Day gift from Kavsrave and FACT

A sexy refix of Ginuwine's Differences. Grab it here. Watch out for The Break Up EP, being released on his own Tighten Up label.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Wax Off Recommends: Cyrus - Manhattan Blues

Released digitally today with 'Decisions' on the b-side, massive!

Hudson Mohawke - Valentines Slow Jams Chapter IV

Bit late in the day with this, I know.. Slap on wrist but here's another HudMo soundtrack to grind to. LuckyMy urge you to "lay down naked on your sushi table" and hey, if I had a sushi table I'd probably lay down naked on it to be honest. Anyway, that's drastically moving away from any relevant point. Get over to the LuckyMe HQ here and get your download on! 

3LW – Crush on U
Mya – For the First Time
Donnell Jones – Do U Wanna
Tweet – My Place
Babyface – There She Goes
Tevin Campbell – Could It Be
Joe – Peepshow
Montell Jordan – Let’s Cuddle Up
Jagged Edge – Can I Get With You
Ginuwine – All Night All Day
112 – Peaches n Cream

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Introducing: Slick Jagger

Bit cheeky, cause it's me.. bit of shameless self-promotion but if I can't do that on my own blog, where else can I bloody do it! It's wonky, hip-hoppy, and different. Have a listen though, I'd appreciate feedback, comments, insults, anything really.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Joy Orbison on Hotflush

..Under the Joy O moniker, which doesn't leave much to the imagination, but he has slimmed it down. to be released on 21ts March. 

A. Wade In
B. Jels

You can stream 'Wade In' over at FACT here

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Julio Bashmore EP on 3024

It's like he can do no wrong, if you like Julio Bashmore, it's almost a given you'll like every thing he releases, he's almost got this euphoric release point with all the stuff he puts out, I challenge anyone to try and make someone move like Julio does. This EP here is out March 28th on vinyl and digital... Lay back!

Monday, 7 February 2011

L-Wiz - Straitjacket/4.42 OZ

HUGE! Some real smooth purple vibes, I'm gonna call it mauve. Big up Kapsize!

Ben Westbeech - Falling (Dark Sky Remix)

Real dreamy vibe with this one, Dark Sky branching out a bit with this one, straight into a laid back Boddika set or something, a lot of DJ's will be pressing play on this one.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Jacques Green touring Europe

This makes me happy, especially the Plastic People bit.. it's like my, I dunno.. fifth home. 

March 9 – Glasgow – GSA
March 11 – Graz – Disko404
March 12 – London – Plastic People
March 13 – Minehead – Bloc
March 14 – Edinburgh – HITTB
March 17 – Paris – Social
March 18 – Berlin – Berghain
March 19 – Liege – Forma T
March 20 – Hamburg – Golden Pudel
March 25 – Bristol – Dojo Lounge
March 26 – London – Queen of Hearts
March 29 – Sheffield – Tuesday Club
March 30 – Leeds – Wire
March 31 – Manchester – Roadhouse
April 1 – Amsterdam – Trouw
April 2 – Nottingham – Stealth

Friday, 4 February 2011

Jacques Greene - The Look (Official Video)

Massive tune from a massive producer, on a massive EP, that's on a pretty good label aswell if we're going there. I didn't actually know there was a video made for this, glad I found it though..

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

6 and Out... SRC

In the coming weeks I'm looking to have short & sweet interviews with as many people in the UK bass music scene as I possibly can. 6 questions and they're out!

First up is SRC


WO: I know it’s a hard question to answer but when did you get into grime?

SRC: I've been into grime from day 1, was always a UK Garage fan, and just followed it as the sound changed.

WO: What your favourite release of your own?

SRC: Hmm difficult, I like them all differently, I suppose Gold Coinz is the one I Keep playing more though, it was the first that got signed.

WO: A few people are saying this is the year of the grime remix, is that a door you see opening?

SRC: Yeah, It'd be good to have more grime versions on mainstream releases, the same as it is with Dubstep.  I did a remix of the Crystal Fighters track 'in the summer' last year, which was fun.
Royal-T's just done a sick remix of Yasmin's "On My own", hopefully that will be the start of a wave of big remixes.

WO: Where would you like to see grime this time next year?

SRC: I'd just like to see more releases from artists and producers, so that everything people want is accessible. Would love more Grime raves and live events too.

WO: If you was to tell people of THE place to get down for the full grime experience, where would you recommend?

SRC: In Birmingham it's got to be Goonies. That's a regular grime & Dubstep event who've previously had people like Logan Sama, P Money, D Double E, Butterz, Invasion, Stayfresh and loads more. Always a good vibe in there!

WO: …and lastly, what’s upcoming for SRC in 2011?

SRC: Just more tunes, I'm finishing up some tracks for release at the moment so look out for them, and more mixes too.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Introducing: Skittles

A conscious rapper does tend to scare people, someone’s that’s actually willing to write about things that matter. On top of that, add a bit of humour and humility to it. It’s nice to see this kinda hip hop is still thriving all over the UK and Skittles, from Manchester is challenging subjects some people shy away from, from the police to selling drugs to terror alerts. Riding beats that Maverick Sabre wishes he could eat up, and content, wordplay and storytelling skills that Scroobius Pip would be proud of, Skittles is definitely one to look for.

With his second album ‘Poor With £100 Trainers’ forthcoming, 2011 is looking a busy year for him. The production credits on the album include Manchester’s own MRK1 and Chimpo, so expect nothing less than high-end cuts on the album.

The Promo EP for the album is available to download at and features Skittles on the buttons as well as the mic.

Wax Off - Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep Mix

Suffering from a bit of insomnia so I put together this real short mix, shout out to the rest of the night lurkers out there!

New Logo!

Considering Wax Off will be looking to branch out to putting on events soon, we felt we needed a logo to slap on stickers, flyers, lampposts, anything really.

Here's the draft I've rustled up. Obviously there's stuff to be done (not too much actually) but this is the basic idea.

Free Mickey Pearce EP

Finally! 'What's Mickey Talkin' About' has been made available, along with 2 other Mickey Pearce tunes on an EP from the Blunted Robots guys. All you gotta do is head over to the Blunted Robots website ( and subscribe to the mailing list, it's as easy as that!